Drizzle fo shizzle

(I have always wanted to say that)

The long Memorial Day holiday weekend is shaping up to be a classic

If by "classic" you mean south winds blowing out a meager south west swell in the company of thousands of your best friends

from inland

coming to spend the day at the beach.

The June Gloom and the aforementioned drizzle, so popular this time of year there should be a Saint name for it. (St. Gloomis?) will be in full effect which should keep the seaside consumption of alcohol to mild levels on the 909 scale.

Which leaves us with what exactly?

Maybe some small swell, definitely some sideshore wind and crowds of Biblical proportions...

My advise is an early strike into the very heart of the State of California Beaches and Parks system.

Pre dawn patrol (dawn patrol is for sissies) entry into the park of your choice, finishing off the morning coffee as the sun peeks over the Saddleback hills.

Time your go out for that 23 minutes long lull between the pre dawn winds  and the winds for the rest of the day.

There is definitely a surfable window, my cat and I have confirmed it every morning this week as he takes him morning constitutional and I stand guard against coyote attack.

(they are now quite brazen in these parts)

So there you go

My personal plan is to change the strings on my guitar and spend the duration hiding in my bathtub

Just my usual precaution for holidays along the shore


Dr. Lang said…
Glad to see you are posting lately!
As far as buying locally that goes
for beer also.Nice cat.What is your cat's name?
pranaglider said…
Chronic depression is hell on my output! Beer is good fresh local beer is better!! That's Mr. V.

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