The Omni

Is here.

The new mat from 4GF
that reportedly, uses previously unavailable alien technology
is soon to be available.

I kept hearing from test riders.

In unrelated and wildly separate conversations that the Omni was "the best mat ever"

When someone says that I tend to think "Great! Good session, good waves, stoked you got some!"

But as the summer turned into fall turned into, well whatever season we are in now.

(It's "fun size" candy week according to my calendar so don't ask me)

I kept hearing the same thing from everyone who had ridden one.

People whose mat knowledge and water experience exceeds mine,

by like a factor of ten.

"Best mat ever!" seems to be the most common comment

followed closely by

"(this mat) Makes the Unmakeable" which, you have to admit, is something you would like in your surf craft.

So now the secret is out

(Paul uses the same people as Apple for new project security, although none of the early mats turned up in Silicon Valley bars)

You can read all about it over at Surfmatters 


pranaglider said…
Some guys in black suits, driving a black government sedan that never took their sunglasses off just stopped by to tell me that this surfmat does not contain any alien technology. Everything else it totally true.
misterdirk said…
To give you a sense of how tightly they control R&D security at 4GF, I've never even seen an Omni, and only heard rumors about it prior to the release. I honestly thought the stories were red herrings to keep us confused. Not only that, but PG somehow prevented my region from seeing any surf for the last several months, so there was a total shut-down of mat riding in Goleta. When the time came to update the site, I received an encoded picture file just hours before O-day, and terse instructions to execute my mission. Scary discipline, but from what I hear it was worth it--the Omni is insanely great.

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