I enjoy a good fall

not the type, down a flight of steps
but that too brief a time between
summer and winter

A time when the water can be warm
but the surf can be hot.

A time when the whole planet
shruggs off the long hot summer
and looks around for a nice place
to recline and sit out the winter

I moment between a long inhale and
a  deeper longer exhale
that lasts
thru the fall
thru the entire winter
and creates a place
for the inhale that is
next years


Piskian said…
Yep,I agree.Autumn best time of year for me too.Get "homesick" for Japan with its great foliage and onsen about now.Wind and rain do for that kind of thing hereabouts.
But what;s up with cutting down 4oo trees just for the sake of some old spaceplane?
Robin Thomson said…
Autumn (fall) the best time for surfing here too and the weather is usually very pleasant with sometimes windless days and balmy temperatures!
shawn jacob said…
The autumns is the best season for me to have a relaxing and a lay back time. It only happens once a year. We should all grab the opportunity to enjoy it.
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