What The Sea Gives Me

This is how it works.
If we let Hollywood fund and produce surf films we get the "Beach Blanket" movies.
Perhaps entertaining in spots but not real surf movies.
If you want good surf movies we all need to throw in a little something for seed money.

These are the same people (misfit productions) that brought us Manufacturing Stoke.

I'm sure you remember how great that movie was.

This is their next effort.

Click on this link to go to Kickstarter and contribute

Ever since I heard the title I have been thinking about this movie.

What does the sea gives me?

Entertainment, recreation, on a good day maybe even dinner.

As I peel back the layers of the onion, I find that what the sea really gives me a path back to a functional relationship with nature.

My weekdays, probably like many of you, starts with a few hours connecting to servers located who knows where, making sure that commerce can continue for another day.

After that I spend more precious moments of my life with a few thousand of my closest friends and neighbors on the 405 freeway heading south in a effort not unlike salmon heading upstream to spawn and die. Except we go upstream and go to meetings. We are also lucky enough to repeat the performance some hours later headed in the opposite direction.

The next day the process repeats itself.

Without the sea, without surfing, I would have become the Borg long ago.

Resistance, as we all know, is futile.

Just part of the collective.

A mass consumer in a school of mass consumers.

But the sea gives me a chance to escape.

I meet like minded individuals and groups.

Sharing our love of the ocean and the waves.

When is the storm coming? How is the swell? Has the water warmed up yet? Have you seen the new fins? When does the new Journal come out? Twin fins or Quads? Long boards or short boards? Is it fun out there? Are we riding the mats today or enjoying the purity of body surfing?

The sea gives me a path back to a simple relationship with nature that I don't find in today's urban environment.

What does the sea give you?


Piskian said…
The squits.
pranaglider said…
I am so afraid to ask...
Henry Hester said…
I use to feel like this snowboarding but now it's transferred to the ocean. when I get my fins on and start a paddle my mat out I feel so fortunate to be bobbing round in the sea.

It's like passing through the gates of Disneyland.
Surfsister said…
I have no words for what the sea gives me.
Robin Thomson said…
Thank goodness for the sea as life would be impossible without it!
An incredible gift. . . difficult to put into a few words. Very thankful for the ocean, all around.

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