Summer into Winter

So many reasons to love the autumn

The water, which for some reason took forever to warm up this year, is still quite nice. I bought a new wetsuit, finally, but I'm happy to let it hang on the back of the door for another month.

The swell direction and hopefully the wind direction becomes variable. At my local beach break a straight south swell needs some north west in it to help shape the walls into peaks and a little offshore breeze is always welcome.

The charming visitors find something else to do on the weekend. During the week the kids are off at school learning those important skills (how to show up, sit down and shut up), that will serve them so well when they hopefully enter the workforce.

The garden as always needs work.  Compost needs to be mixed into the soil and fall and winter vegetables need to be planted. But it's been so hot and many of the plants are still in summer mode so I'll wait for a change in the weather.

 soon the autumn equinox arrives
but not even the humming birds
can lift my melancholy 


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