JJ's a genius

 JJ emailed me the following clip of a test he had done with a new backback / pole mount for his GoPro

He was looking for a perspective that would allow you to see more of what the rider was doing to surf a particular wave. So much of the subtlety is lost from the normal on-the-beach or even in-the-water views.

What he ended up with was mounting the GoPro on the end of a scorpion's tail extending from the backpack harness. The motor drive is remotely actuated  by a wireless do-dad on his wrist.

I like it. He achieved his primary goal of a vastly improved point-of-view and as an added plus a lot of the vibration you get from a head mounted camera is absent.

He will make a fortune from the motocross and mountain bike crew.

Apparently the looks on the tourist's faces as he enters or leaves the water are priceless.

I am just waiting for the winter to see the back in the tube shots.

Just for comparison purposes here is JJ's custom made film rig


Robin Thomson said…
It certainly improves the experience. I have found POV clips mostly disappointing unless there are corresponding views from the beach inserted of the same ride. Looking forward to seeing what JJ produces visually on a better quality wave.
KingWaka said…
Looks good to me, the only downfall with it is keeping the port from drying and getting a film of salt on it...good on him and hope he dosen't try a barrel roll and ends up snapping the mount!
Neil Griffith said…
awesome creativity to the Max
Greenough would be proud

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