Notes for a Thursday

There is gonna be a surf mat article in the Japanese surf magazine Blue.

It looks like the article will be in Japanese.  Which makes total sense if you think about it.

Check it out

Mark sent me these picture and mentioned that he is still running his special intro price on the MT5

Tonight is the showing of the Cyrus Sutton's film "Stoked and Broke" at the Lido theater in Newport Beach.

For more Get Stoked tour info click on this link

More Mat Sales

Paul is putting his entire line of mats on sale starting October 1 get the whole story here

Dale's Neumatic surfmats are available thru this link

Shelter Sale

Graham is having a sale at the Shelter Surf Shop  mention you saw his FB post

So there you have it!

No excuses for not being well read, clothed in this seasons fashions,  stoked on the latest surf movie and having a fully stocked quiver.


naka said…
Hi Mark-san,
When do you come to Japan?
Jason Hall said…
F Blue mag..They used my photos and never paid me!
garth said…
WTF- mark thomson using dale solomonsons neumatic surf mats to get publicity for himself ??????
Piskian said…
hmm,if the pic was bigger I'd translate for you,Prana.Off to Japan in 3 weeks so will get hold of a copy.Controversy is healthy,Garth.Oh no it's sucking my will to live,Wayne!

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