I have two winter grade 3/2 mm wetsuits that I have used all summer.
(That I have worn winter wetsuits all summer is a crying shame that I will address in another post)

They have done well but given that they were two or three years old to start with it's time to get some new neophrene.

I have always thought that surf mat riders are a little more in the water than board surfers and that they have different needs when it comes to wetsuits.

While fit and construction is perhaps the biggest factor in wetsuit functionality I am wondering what you readers have found in the wide world of wetsuits.

So give me your

Opinion on O'Neills
the Rap on the Ripcurls
the Brass Tacks about Body Glove
your eXperience with Xcel's
the Hard Facts about Hurley's
any Quips on the Quiksilvers would be appreciated
I need the background on Billabongs
the Memorandums on Matuse
the Abstracts on Axxe
and of course
the Poop on Patagonia.

I'm a pretty easy fit in most of the major brands so thats not a big deal.  I have no idea how I might pay for this purchase the cost to comfort ratio is important.

So comment away readers comment away


pranaglider said…
Could be the warmest or coldest of winter's this year.
Surfsister said…
I was happily wearing my 4/3 today. (I'd finally pulled it out of the closet after insisting on wearing a 3/2 all summer.) Although I will be going the custom suit route soon, I have to admit that I like my Body Glove suits. The only reason I'm getting custom is because, as we've all said, they don't make suits for chicks with my physique. I guess the market for wetsuits for black women isn't a big one, huh?

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