10 Things to do before Winter comes

I have been musing about Summer

or really the lack of Summer for several months now

but since the equinox I figure its time to move on to Winter.

Funny thing, now that I have completely given up on Summer we are on track to get "Summer like" temperatures this weekend...

So what does one do to get ready for Winter?

First, make an appointment with your dermatologist to get that funny looking mole checked out

You know you have been skipping the sunblock and basking in all the thermonuclear radiation you can get for months (maybe years!)

Soon you will be covered from head to toe in wool and turtle fur not to emerge (not unlike a butterfly) until sometime next spring

So do this now!

Worst thing ever is to reach for your spring suit with the new arm you sprouted over the cold months.

I know you are saying, "Prana, dude I check!"

No. No you don't check, at least not very well and not with the skill of a good dermatologist.

So go!

Make matching appointments with your significant other!

Make a family appointment and get lunch /dinner afterward and make an event out of it!

Do it for me

I need all the readers I can get

Besides this is serious as well as important and you aren't going to read this in the mags (even the good ones)

How many waves like this do you want to miss?

Yea I know this wasn't ten things but I'll get to them and I needed to fake you into reading the whole piece hoping that I would get to something interesting eventually. 

For my Southern Hemisphere readers, I know I make comments like "summer and winter" based on what I  look out the window and see. Just give it the old 180 degree spin and you will be right on target! 


pranaglider said…
I've been meaning to do a post like this for some time. Skin care is a very important part of your health regime.
Glenn said…

I just made an appointment yesterday to check out some funny looking moles with my dermatologist. A very timely post indeed. Hope you are having a great "summer"!
Growling Gecko said…
I had a melanoma cut out of my right shoulder blade a few years ago after my doctor decided it looked more of an issue than the ultimately benign growth on my left shoulder blade that I actually made the appointment for him to look at. It took two goes under the scalpal to clear it and as far as I know all good now. Whew!

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