I just got back from the Stoked and Broke movie.

The evening started with a pre movie stop at the Almond surf shop for some Tarp Surfing at Korduroy reef

Splitting the peak

Pretty casual for a double over head barrel over a barely submerged reef!

I swear this next guy is on a mat


So after the tarp surfing it was on to the show.

The story centers around Cyrus Sutton and Ryan Burch as they take a "stoked but broke" surfing stay-cation in San Diego. Walking from break to break while earning enough money to surf and survive.

Like all good movies the film works on several levels.

There is enough comedy to crack up the audience.  If Bruce Brown taught filmmakers only one thing, it’s that people want laughs as much as stand up tubes and the wipeout reel.

There is enough good surfing to hoot at, hey this is San Diego they are walking through and the pair scored a variety of quality waves.

There is more variety in surf craft than you see in most other movies and some surf craft you’ll see nowhere else.  Ryan Burch and Cyrus riding unglassed closed cell foam slabs. Cyrus surfing his self made hand plane. Miscellaneous self shaped long boards and garage sale finds. The theme of the movie is DIY and have fun.

The duo visits interesting people along the way and the film turns out to be entertaining and intellectuality stimulating.

Yes, in a surf film.

Stoked and Broke invites us to ponder our relationship with our surfing, our place in our consumer driven society and what it means to be free.

I liked it, if it comes to your town, go see it.

More info on the Get Stoked tour

PS I spoke with Cyrus before the movie and he told me how he was looking forward to adding a mat to his quiver!


pranaglider said…
surf report - the new swell is starting to show but so is the wind and the tide.
Glenn said…

Sorry I missed you at the show. The movie was so incredibly entertaining. And you are correct, it had all the elements of a good surf movie!

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