Derek Hynd - finless forward motion

As readership increases (a new record yesterday)
and correspondence explodes
so many posts are polished emails
from friends

Here is a bit of video that needs no polish

Such great footage!
I see a lot of similarity between how Mr. Hynd rides his finless boards and the lines we draw with our mats.

What do you do with all that speed?


Unknown said…
and what did dh say
"nothing equals the flat chat speed of a mat"
Surfsister said…
Expect a related interview soon!

Mat? Finless boards? That's what loving the ocean is all about. Why people think it's only about standing there is beyond me.
Gaz said…
Loverly!! Awesome footage of a pioneer, stellar is not an overstatement of his motivations.
pranaglider said…
Warren - Mr Hynd is a very observant fellow

Surfsister - Great! Another gem on Liquid Salt?

Gaz - I have a kite string for an internet connection and I still can't stop watching and listening to the clip. Glad you liked it
Unknown said…
And folks lets not forget the music - composer/finless surfer Richard Tognetti playing live at this years' Noosa Festival. The Youtub piracy doesn't do it justice.

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