Sacred Craft recap

Having never been
I was really looking forward to
the Sacred Craft show last weekend.

A gathering of the tribes,
Woodstock on Waves
(without the brown acid)

but instead I stayed home
to enjoy a nasty head cold

Moin' Phoam
Photo from a bunch over at Daily Shaka - thanks for the shots during the show!

Photos over on Daily Bread  including the Jazz the Glass show Saturday night (missed that too of course)

Best in Show pics on A day at the beach
Feeling a little asymmetrical myself this morning

Here is SurfSister's take on the whole thing with pictures!

I believe I have a rail fondling deficiency.

oh well there's always next year

I dreamt and I dreamt
for two days  NiQuil dreams
I really missed it


pranaglider said…
...and I missed all the video clips at Korduroy, the horror!
Surfsister said…
I only saw one of the films. It was great of course. It's about these kids who had the idea of using a tarp and skateboards to simulate getting barreled.
Unknown said…
good to see the grasshopper bouncing back into cyberspace

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