They sat

in the backyard for weeks
covered in mud
the result of my son’s nocturnal roaming
thru the back bay

It was irritating
a good pair of regulation
size 10's
going to waste

I had worn out
many pairs
over the years

The blue suede ones
in high school
as much as a uniform
as the red ones were that
I wore at the Cannery restaurant
my senior summer

I couldn’t let
them go to waste

First I soaked them
in a bucket
for days


they would never be
snow white again

I am a sloppy
coffee drinker
and I know
it stains

I used a half pound
of the weird espresso
to stain them
a nice

after a week in the bucket
no change!

They were
the shoes
that wouldn’t
PS Better luck with your eggs
Have a Happy Easter


pranaglider said…
The whole ugly thing was written around the last line "the shoes that wouldn't die" I thought it might make a good Halloween post but with the simple change of one sometimes vowel (die to dye) it becomes, prest-o change-o, my Easter post.

Yeah, I know it's stupid but it still cracks me up...
Jamie Watson said…
That is the cutest story.

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