Summers comin in and it's goin out in style

I jumped in the water yesterday
the swell had dropped off some more 
but it was such a beautiful day
that to just go back home
would have been like 
returning a gift 

There were two basic options given the swell 
or lack of swells
and tide

the outside pop over sleigh rides
no thank you very much
shore break
but maybe 
shore pound break 
is a little more 

Whilst being "rag dolled" relentlessly in the aforementioned shore break, 
(sometimes the shore break can be perfect and sometimes its not
today was a prime example of the latter)
that I thought it's a good thing I do a bit of exercise now and again  

I have often thought that a post about fitness, health, exercise would be a worthwhile

The problem being 
that any diet, exercise, fitness plan 
needs to be configured to you
your body 
your needs at the moment 
nothing I can say would apply

What I do may not only not work for you
but could cause you harm

Take a look at this little squiggle jumping around down below
The sun salutations are a beautiful set of exercises 
It's practice by millions everyday
I practice it on occasion
but if I jumped up from the computer and dove 
into it right now
I might not get the benefit I was after
(unless, of course, I was looking to sprang something)

So as we wander collectively, 
into the beauty of the Spring and Summer months
here in the Northern Hemisphere
give some thought to where you are
right now
and what actions 
would best serve 
to get you down the road

I found this example of Surya Namaskar - the Sun Salutations at the Yoga Site

Since I have offered some general advise that might cause someone to run out and hurt themselves I am bound to offer the following disclaimer. Don't be an idiot and then blame me! Check with your doctor before you start exercising. Maybe the best thing you can do is know your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels! If you want to start and exercise program go to a qualified teacher so that you start of headed in the right direction. good luck


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