What you really need

I did a piece on "the perfect surf car" a while back and readers really seemed to like it.

So I thought I would re visit the theme with a multi part series.

Today's installment is entitled "What you really need"

First off, if at all possible, driving to the beach should be avoided.

You should either live:

A) in a house on the beach

B) on a friends couch at their house on the beach

C) in the bushes on the beach

D) close enough to walk to the beach

Any of these options only require that you have a pair of these to get around

Your Carbon Footprint will be low and fluctuations in the price of a barrel of crude oil are no big deal.

I personally wear a pair of Crocs most of the time.

I plan on wearing these camo crocs when I sneak into Tresles this summer.

If you live far enough from the beach to require some sort of transport here are some options that will help get you to the surf on time.

AfricaBikes from Kona Bikes

The folks at Kona are part of a team who developed a bike for AIDS relief workers who needed reliable cheap transport to take them into the remote villages. This makes it a perfect bike for surfers. In addition, they will send one more bike to Africa for every two they sell domestically. Who couldn't use those sort of Karma points? It comes in a one speed or three speed model. Both versions include a basket, rear rack and lock standard. Also comes with thorn proof tires/tubes for those of you who can't keep on the path. I've seen how you drive your cars. I'm thinking I lash the mat and fins on the back and stuff my wetsuit and towel in the basket. Those of you without inflatable surfing devices could attach a side mounted surfboard rack and be down the trail in no time. A good bike at a good price for a great cause!

PS I really am looking to get one of these!

If you need to bring the family, the long boards and the kitchen sink and do it all under your own power I still have you covered.

The folks at Xtracycle offer bicycle frame extensions and accessories to turn your cruiser into a Sport Utility Bicycle (SUB) to replace the SUV that you are driving now.

Next time I will actually talk about some motorized options here is a picture to tide you over!


pranaglider said…
so how do you get to the beach?
Quiver said…
With a reasonably sized backpack holding suit, fins, and mat, the bus is also and option for those a bit further from the ocean. I've looking into taking BART (our "subway") under the bay and to the ocean. The only way I would consider it is with the mat because it would been bus->bart->bus for me to make it to the sea.
Surfsister said…
Since I used to race bikes, I wouldn't be averse to hauling all of my stuff, surfboard included, down to the beach on a bike. But someone needs to tell me how to do so without getting run over by the pleasant drivers we have here in L.A.
6ftnperfect said…
Cadillac Escalade - with 22s!!
Nathan Backous said…
I can't say enough good things about the Xtracycle FreeRadical kits. Seriously, if you have a bike, you'll like your bike so much more when you turn it into a Longtail.

I plan on doing many bike/mat/camping trips this summer with mine.
pranaglider said…
Quiv - sounds like an adventure!

SurfSis - Sadly So True

6FnP - Along with all the others

Nathan - indeed looking forward to the pics
Ian said…
I use an old Dahon I rescued from a rusty death.Mat and fins in the basket,wetsuit up to me waist and an old crappy tshirt noone would nick!combination lock so I don`t need a key.They charge 10 dollars to park at the beach in this part of Japan-bugger that!!

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