Dream Sequence

I had a dream last night

My family had rented a house on the beach

I could out my bedroom window and see waves breaking

I tried to take a picture for a post

but the camera was broken

(it may be time for a blog vacation)

I when out to the garage

and all of my childhood surfboards were there

so was my brother Bob (he passed years ago)

All I could think about was how much fun it would be to ride those boards again

I think I have been out of the water too long!

I will be in CM over the weekend

the waves look small but thats ok

I hope to see all my water friend

PS "the present" showing tonight up by Shelter Surf Shoppe in Long Beach on 4th


pranaglider said…
Interesting pic at the top of the post. If you open it in another frame you can see the whole thing.

It's the old HB pier.

The concrete railing is part of blecher seating on the south side. Shortly after it was demolished the rubble was throw at the first HB surf contest riots.

Not the one with the burning ATV and the TV cameras, the one before that one.

The surf is flat and summer is comming!
Jamie Watson said…
I like that dream of yours. And I like listening to this Beach Boys song. You'll be extra happy when you are in the water this weekend.
twinfin said…
it's been a while since the last Bruce sighting... you been rolling with big foot?
pranaglider said…
You must be thing of this http://23breaths.blogspot.com/2009/03/separated-at-birth.html Spending time in the desert with my mom and dad. Looking for forward to seeing you guys soon. How was The Present? Looked like fun. Are you continuing with the Summer Surf Movie series? Those were GREAT!

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