Searching for Michael Peterson

Searching for Michael Peterson Trailer from jolyon hoff on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen the trailer for Searching for Michael Peterson you should really check it out.

With the recent revival (although they never really went away) of hulls and stubbies, Peterson's cutback from "Morning of the Earth" has surfaced again and having passed the test of time is on the short list of THE BEST CUTBACKS ever.

So what happened?

After dominating Australian surfing contest thru the 70's he quit competing and fell from public view.

While stories are still told about the wild and drug induced antics of the man,his story is of teenage onset schizophrenia.

A sad tale, an amazing surfer


pranaglider said…
Interesting comments on the MP cutty vs the Tom Curren version over at the erBB. OT making some good points
pranaglider said…
Oh the title of the post is

"The best cutback ever!"

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