Surf Report

I was able to make a trip to the coast over the weekend but the winds were on it.

If it wasn't for the shower I'd never get wet


I stumbled over Theostyle

over at the Grass is greener project who have featured him in several posts

I am not quite sure where I was when artistic talent was being passed out but it wasn't in the same line as so many of the surfer / artists I see around today.


But this guy does interesting work, stop by his site and have a look.


I mentioned on Earth Day that the real importance of such a day
is to try and incorporate an awareness of your effect on the planet
into your daily life.

So I will try to throw a few thoughts at you now and again to keep it
more center stage in our awareness.

Today's "Earth Thought for Today"

When we consume things and then "throw away" the packing
or the item itself we aren't really throwing anything away.

Because there really isn't anywhere to throw it away to.

It all goes somewhere.

Some things do get recycled into other things, but for the most part
the items we discard go to land fills or end up in the ocean.

The answer is to consume less.


In other news, Jaimal Yogis has released a book in the surf genre entitled,

"Saltwater Buddha: A surfer's quest to find Zen on the sea"

I don't want to ruin a good read but I would characterize it as "Dharma Bums"
meets "Endless Summer" set in a coming of age tale.

If you like to mix your literature with saltwater check it out.

All the details for getting a copy at Jamial's website here


If you are a twitter, a tweeter, a nit wit or just someone with time on their hands and an Internet connection I am now on Twitter (pranaglider) where I spout off more useless nonsense.

There of course I am limited to 140 characters so if you like your rants short this maybe the place.


One more thing, I think I came across a link to Ready 4 the House over at Surfmatters. The site is is visually and mentally stimulating in a way I can't quite figure out. I never know what will be next, it's always interesting and I find myself checking the site too often for updates. Not a "surf blog" but check out the posts in the "surfing" category


You can keep the Napalm I like the smell of chaparral in the morning


Anonymous said…
saw your post about surfing shape

get a paddleboard and find any body of water

you'll stay in shape


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