Anyone with Fins!

I have always enjoyed surfing with other mat riders.

You can only watch GG on YouTube so many times.

I asked TFAD if he minded a few well mannered mat riders at his AB3 gathering later this month.

He said he would love to have us!

So mark your calendars for Sunday March 29th in Oceanside.

Regarding AB3 it is well worth the trip just to check out the fiberglass!

I titled this post "Anyone with Fins" to include bodysurfers, hand planers, Paipo riders etc. so come on down and share the stoke!


pranaglider said…
For you trivia fans, I didn't rip off Kaiser's photo without credit (this time). My shot has no clouds and shows a little more knee!

Let me know if you have any questions about the AwF gathering.
Unknown said…
I beg to differ.
pranaglider said…
It was the knee thing, right?

The way it was cropped (man that hurts!) it looked like I had more knee but you may have.

But I definitely had few clouds!


my verification word was brehake!
Anonymous said…
Are you going to invite/bring this Kaser character and his inquiry camera/mind to AB3?
pranaglider said…
Kaser will be attending. He got a new water camera as well!
Anonymous said…
Cool. I'll get a fresh haircut.

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