AB3 09


Jon showed up too late to catch a surf but brought his experiment fin shapes and his new 4th Gear Flyer!

If you like to ride a fish and you go to heaven in the end, this is what you see

Andy standing there saying "Sure you can ride my Lis!"

PS I couldn't get shots of the other fishes (Lis and Frye) cause my hands were shaking so bad! (the presence of greatness you know)
PSS Andy also rides a mean surfmat and we had a great time!

Tom Threinen showed up for a surf all the way from Nevada.
I didn't get near enough time to talk to him and no pictures but this is exactly what he looks like!

Image from Tom's website is part of the Don Redondo Project

AB3 09 Haiku

Many preaty fishes

laying with their fins up

wanting to be ridden


pranaglider said…
It's always been my dream to self publish bad poetry...
borntoloser said…
Sure was fun to bounce a few waves with you!

Sharing is one of life's gifts- the dude who came back with the 6'9 Frye was stoked and that made my day!

Looking forward to our next session...

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