Musings on a Sunday afternoon

I was visiting a local secret spot that everyone seems to know about and against all odds I ran into a mat rider.

Ryan got one of the last 4GF's of the last run and was taking it out for it's initial surf.

I was stoked to run into another mat rider but since it was a Saturday I left my mat at home!

Meeting, talking, and surfing with other mat riders is always a blast and I'm bummed I didn't bring my mat.

Sage blossom from the garden.

I have been doing a bit of experimenting lately with the Surfer Bulletin Board (erBB).

I post up a thought or question and the erBB regulars or irregulars respond, comment, kibitz and generally snark.

Since I like to do a bit of economic / sociological research, it can be a bit of fun.

The response was  very interesting, tube rides were preferred by 92 percent of the respondents.

My next question will be "if you would prefer tube rides why don't you ride a mat?"


The Pixie said…
Mate,you are fully throwing the mat amongst the stoolpigeons there.Funny how the forum is called erBB.That`s often what I say when I see a load of resinmonkeys,and fear for the safety of the mat."Er,BB today methinks".
warm jet said…
see ryan's virgin mat go out.

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