small really small

The surf has been so small I didn't even want to take the mat out.

But the wind was blowing offshore,

and parts of the sectiony little dribble were hollow so...

This little beauty has been living in my trunk waiting for it's day to shine.

It floats (barely) and after a couple of waves to learn it's basic handling characteristics,

I had a blast riding it!
PS - I have been looking for options to mount a camera on my mat but I haven't come up with anything other than a helmet cam.
This looks like it may be a nice platform for a GoPro Hero Cam.
If anyone has one and want to offer any tips, tricks or suggestions let me know. Thanks


pranaglider said…
This is fun enough to keep in the rotation.
But I need a name
It is officially a "WavaHull57"
Any thought's?

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