In Nature's Temple: The Life and Art of William Wendt

"Spring Time in the Canyon"

The Laguna Art Museum is showing the work of William Wendt.

Click here for more details at their site

I could talk about his style (plein-air) or the fact that he moved to California in 1906 and settled in Laguna Beach in 1919 after the city got too crowded.

I love the art and pictures of SoCal before they planted condos everywhere.

The 10 bucks to get in is money well spent.


pranaglider said…
but don't go on the 31.
that's when Graham is having another party at Shelter
Okemah said…
Nice post Prana! I dig old Cal. plein air! I'm gonna try and catch this show sometime soon. Don't want to miss Graham's either! Just recently acquired a nice vintage piece featuring Pt.Dume by S.Rockwell....heard of 'em?
Lawrence Beebe said…
We buy William Wendt paintings! Contact Larry at the William Wendt Gallery 949-981-0070
inkawaves said…
california landscapes speak to me in a deep way.
PeterAtLarge said…
Nice to see another local art blogger out there.

Here's a link to my review of the Wendt exhibition.

pranaglider said…
the link to Peter Clothier's review of the show is at
grumpy said…
Wendt and other artists of his era give us a glimpse into a California that, sadly, either no longer exists or is shrinking fast; hopefully his paintings will inspire us to preserve what still remains.

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