Trust Me

No idea who took the shot or where it is but it looks nice doesn't it?

Surfing the net?
Look out the window
(you know the glass things kids hit balls thru)
Found the window? Good!

Is it still light outside?
Great! Go outside find something to do.
Play! You remember how don't you?
If it's getting dark than bring a light
If it's cold then wear a coat.

Trust me when I tell you
that no good stories start with
"So I'm just sitting there on my arse, surfing the net when suddenly..."
Not one

there will come a time
when going outside
won't be an option
Trust me


Quiver said…
I took my family to the beach for New Year's Day. It was sunny but chilly, a classic SF winter day. After several hours of sand play, running up and down with the waves, and picnic, it was time to go home. While the adults were packing up, the 2 and a half year old took the opportunity for more wave play and headed seaward. When we notices and chased him down, the tantrum exploded. We had to go home, but I also knew he was right. It's more fun at the beach than at home. Let's do that more in 2019
pranaglider said…
Quiver, The lad has the right idea! Bruce

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