Not great but not bad...

Opted for a Sunday surf over the weekend

Burn off a little of that "too south" swell

Let the NW and the tide fill in

Not great but not bad

The water was warm and clear enough to see schools of fish swimming along the bottom

Things like that can make a session for me

The surf is what the surf is

Sometimes good sometimes not

The benefit of surfing for decades is not that you progress along some rocket to the moon skill increase curve

but the slow gradual understanding of

the pleasures of the sun, the wind and the  water


tuskedbeast said…
Very nicely put. You're on a roll!
Henry Hester said…
I like that. I see fishies too.
Unknown said…
Lovely post as always
pranaglider said…
Thanks guys! I have been remiss in my posting lately but the fall is coming and you know how everything is better in the fall...

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