Late Summer Early Fall

As I sit here taking in the morning on my front porch
I am earnestly trying to decide the season

The weather, such as it is in Southern California
has been warm especially at night
when a good walk around is perhaps a better call
then an attempt at bedding down for 40 winks

Definitely late Summer,

but then, out for a Sunday drive
I noticed the the usual conditions
sort of like making a right turn on to a busy
Nascar track during a race
were truly sparse.
"Sparse" and any reference to traffic being in the same sentence
when referring to the Southern California driving experience
being unusual indeed
and NEVER occurring during the summer season
Have the tourists gone home, gone back to school
or just disappeared like the colors of the night?

Definitely early Fall,

The giant surf gifted to us by our dear friend Maria
with sand and rock moved to new locations to mark the occasion
has subsided on these shores
with only the rides of a lifetime
and miles of film
to show for it...

Hurricane season, definately Summer,

then there is the light...
I'm sure painters have a word for it
the light that drove the local plein air movement is gone
those properties of light
that make each color come alive
each hue it's own public celebration of it's portion of the spectrum
are somehow absent
even midday landscapes have a feeling of late afternoon...

Yes definitely Fall

Welcome back


tuskedbeast said…
Your comment about fall light is really perceptive.
pranaglider said…

It's something I never noticed as a kid now it hits me right between the eyes. I can't believe I missed it all those years...
My friend,
Your words....
how did feel about this Monday morning...
kinda cloudy, pockets of sunshine, a touch of south wind....
already felt like a October morning....
we made it through another summer.
hooray for us....
onto better things.....
I see your photos,
we will cross paths sometime soon.
(If we already have, neither of knows)
pranaglider said…
driving around on Sunday the streets were empty! The water is still warm and there was even a little swell in the water...and I believe I see another hurricane forming...things are looking up!

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