/*23 Breaths: The Heart of Summer*/

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Heart of Summer

While it's true that I prefer the Fall

Summer does have a lot going on

Liquid Salt - Glenn's labor to bring real surfing to real surfers

Release 2.0 is here! Check it out

Beautiful content with a focus on surfers surfing...

men, women, short boards, long boards, Paipos, handplanes

they even have mats

so you know it's good!

This Saturday the planets align

and there will be gatherings up and down the coast

Saturday July 19 is the world premier of PMK's

What the Sea Gives Me

What The Sea Gives Me from misfit pictures on Vimeo.

 It's actual the screen as a part of a group of videos at the Sherwood in La Jolla

Earlier that morning will be a Paipofest

A large coffee and a scone as big as my head and I'm going...

Enjoy the Summer

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