What The Sea Gives Me

The movie premieres on Saturday as part of the Best of the Fest program at the Sherwood Auditorium

Morgan and I got a sneak peak the other evening

A link and a password from a friend who wanted to share the experience.

That is really the theme for the film so let me explain.

If you are reading this chances are you have some connection with the water

It won't be my relationship, it will be uniquely your own.

WTSGM - is a series of stories, about water people who share their relationship with the sea.

 ** Warning if you are expecting the usual thrash and burn surf flick, with snapped tri-fins during a close heat at some blown out beach break, this may not be the movie for you.

This is a movie for anyone who has an appreciation for the unique qualities that make up their lives and the self awareness to examine what the sea gives each of us.

The sort of thing we have come to expect from Pierce, Petra and The Misfits, another great movie in what will be a long line of  "surf movies for the rest of us".

Go see it when it comes around or buy a copy.

Watch it, think about it and share it with your friends.


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