/*23 Breaths: Summer*/

Monday, June 23, 2014


More a feeling or a state of mind

than a series of X's on the calendar


wearing nothing but shorts, thong shoes and a sunburn

it's still too hot

even before the sun comes up

The colorful hordes

attempt to escape the heat inland

by visiting the shore

a sleepy beach town

becomes a porchlight in the night

for visiting moths of all descriptions

all except one

the swell

all except the "thunder from down under"

but that is a tale for another time

I would write about it today

but this Monday is sucking the life out of me

Like a Big Gulp

bought by some tourist

along with some cheap sand shoes

that won't last the day

combined with a twisted pair of sun glasses

all for 99 cents on the Weekend Special

at the seven eleven

film at 9

weather and sports at ten

see you then

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