Summer Redux

is that feeling you got
in the pit of your stomach
going surfing in the morning
no idea what the swell was doing
you surfed the day before
but you never knew what today would bring
you were packed in the car
with your one surfboard
along with all your friends
and their surfboards
non surfing friends had to find their own ride
but there you were
on the way to the beach
no idea what you were going to do tonight
maybe a party?
an equally vague idea of what you were going to do tomorrow
go to the beach, what else?
but here you are
its mondaytuesdaywednesdaythurdayfridaysaturdaysunday
because the days of the week melt together
during the summer
either it's the heat
or just that arbitrary day references
have no meaning during
but it's warm out
there is no other place you need to be
and you are going to the beach
because it's


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