cheaper than meth


Oh I love the way
you burn my lip
with that first
morning sip

I love the way
you start
my day
So early
before I have
anything to say

I love the way
you keep me going
long after the sleep
should be flowing

I even love that
little jiggle when
you make my hands
start to wiggle

and when my time
on earth is up
just hold on cause
I'll have just one more cup

* I love my coffee but someone pointed out to me once that it is merely a delivery device for the cream and mountain of sugar that I mix in, either way three cheers for the bean!


Piskian said…
But not cheaper than Meths!Especially by the time you factor in the energy bills from those antique electric rings...
pranaglider said…
Piski - Those rings are just for show! Every morning I build a small fire under them to boil the water to produce the magic juice.
KingWaka said…
Coffee...yummie way to start the morning! I have switch to a pod machine , so no grinds to clean up...
Piskian said…
Ah,that's artisanal!

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