/*23 Breaths: May 2009*/

Friday, May 29, 2009

Part Tooo of the "what you need to get to the beach this summer" series

More cars in the california beach tradition

Where did I park my SUV?

The Honda Ruckus has some strong points,

after you add a side rack and a basket

Thanks to Ed at Quality Peoples for pointing out the Ruckus

Everyone wants one of these

until they get one and have to remove and refinish the wood on a regular basis.

Everyone knows that truely core surfers drive Caddy's to the beach

Hey ClayFin are those 22's?

I think I take the bug

Has anyone seen my 8 Track?


Do you think they are sugar coating it by not mentioning the wind?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What you really need

I did a piece on "the perfect surf car" a while back and readers really seemed to like it.

So I thought I would re visit the theme with a multi part series.

Today's installment is entitled "What you really need"

First off, if at all possible, driving to the beach should be avoided.

You should either live:

A) in a house on the beach

B) on a friends couch at their house on the beach

C) in the bushes on the beach

D) close enough to walk to the beach

Any of these options only require that you have a pair of these to get around

Your Carbon Footprint will be low and fluctuations in the price of a barrel of crude oil are no big deal.

I personally wear a pair of Crocs most of the time.

I plan on wearing these camo crocs when I sneak into Tresles this summer.

If you live far enough from the beach to require some sort of transport here are some options that will help get you to the surf on time.

AfricaBikes from Kona Bikes

The folks at Kona are part of a team who developed a bike for AIDS relief workers who needed reliable cheap transport to take them into the remote villages. This makes it a perfect bike for surfers. In addition, they will send one more bike to Africa for every two they sell domestically. Who couldn't use those sort of Karma points? It comes in a one speed or three speed model. Both versions include a basket, rear rack and lock standard. Also comes with thorn proof tires/tubes for those of you who can't keep on the path. I've seen how you drive your cars. I'm thinking I lash the mat and fins on the back and stuff my wetsuit and towel in the basket. Those of you without inflatable surfing devices could attach a side mounted surfboard rack and be down the trail in no time. A good bike at a good price for a great cause!

PS I really am looking to get one of these!

If you need to bring the family, the long boards and the kitchen sink and do it all under your own power I still have you covered.

The folks at Xtracycle offer bicycle frame extensions and accessories to turn your cruiser into a Sport Utility Bicycle (SUB) to replace the SUV that you are driving now.

Next time I will actually talk about some motorized options here is a picture to tide you over!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dream Sequence

I had a dream last night

My family had rented a house on the beach

I could out my bedroom window and see waves breaking

I tried to take a picture for a post

but the camera was broken

(it may be time for a blog vacation)

I when out to the garage

and all of my childhood surfboards were there

so was my brother Bob (he passed years ago)

All I could think about was how much fun it would be to ride those boards again

I think I have been out of the water too long!

I will be in CM over the weekend

the waves look small but thats ok

I hope to see all my water friend

PS "the present" showing tonight up by Shelter Surf Shoppe in Long Beach on 4th

Monday, May 18, 2009

etcetera etcetera etcetera

I get several emails every day telling me about how good the surf will be somewhere I'm not.

Most of you do as well but the email that Adam Wright just sent out about the 2009 Hurricane Season is exceptional!

In addition to going over the hurricanes that create waves for Southern California, his discussion of wave generation in general a must read.

Now for something different

I get songs stuck in my head

Today the song was "counting flowers on the wall" by the Statler Brothers

You Tube had two versions I can decide which one is weirder so I am including them both.


Live from The Porter Wagoner Show

This was a big hit amonst the acid heads and flower children of the day. Here they are dressed in matching shark skin suits. I like the spotted ties.

The Statler Brothers performed this song at a Johnny Cash show in Denmark 1971, which also contained guest performances by Carl Perkins and the Carter Family.

Digging the hip matching outfits again.

I've gotta get out of the desert

Reminder!! The Present in Long Beach Thursday 5/21!!

Tickets available at the Shelter Surf Shoppe for $12

Two shows

7pm Show

9pm Show

The Theater is located almost directly across the street from the Shelter shop. They will be serving refreshments at the shop for those that make it there early. Our Friends at 4th Street vine will also be serving glasses of wine 2 doors down all night long for $3!!

The Art Theater is located at:

2025 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 438-5435‎

for more info on the film including the trailer, photos and other dates, check out Thomas’ official site

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Talkin' Story

I just posted my first piece over on Talkin' Story.

Daniel, who owns Talkin' Story wants to bring together surfers from all over the globe to share their unique perspectives.

You will remember Daniel from his fine blog Wine and Woodsmoke.

So brothers and sisters grab a beach chair and join us around the campfire 'cause in the great post surf tradition, we're Talkin' Story.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Searching for Michael Peterson

Searching for Michael Peterson Trailer from jolyon hoff on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen the trailer for Searching for Michael Peterson you should really check it out.

With the recent revival (although they never really went away) of hulls and stubbies, Peterson's cutback from "Morning of the Earth" has surfaced again and having passed the test of time is on the short list of THE BEST CUTBACKS ever.

So what happened?

After dominating Australian surfing contest thru the 70's he quit competing and fell from public view.

While stories are still told about the wild and drug induced antics of the man,his story is of teenage onset schizophrenia.

A sad tale, an amazing surfer

Monday, May 4, 2009

Surf Report

I was able to make a trip to the coast over the weekend but the winds were on it.

If it wasn't for the shower I'd never get wet


I stumbled over Theostyle

over at the Grass is greener project who have featured him in several posts

I am not quite sure where I was when artistic talent was being passed out but it wasn't in the same line as so many of the surfer / artists I see around today.


But this guy does interesting work, stop by his site and have a look.


I mentioned on Earth Day that the real importance of such a day
is to try and incorporate an awareness of your effect on the planet
into your daily life.

So I will try to throw a few thoughts at you now and again to keep it
more center stage in our awareness.

Today's "Earth Thought for Today"

When we consume things and then "throw away" the packing
or the item itself we aren't really throwing anything away.

Because there really isn't anywhere to throw it away to.

It all goes somewhere.

Some things do get recycled into other things, but for the most part
the items we discard go to land fills or end up in the ocean.

The answer is to consume less.


In other news, Jaimal Yogis has released a book in the surf genre entitled,

"Saltwater Buddha: A surfer's quest to find Zen on the sea"

I don't want to ruin a good read but I would characterize it as "Dharma Bums"
meets "Endless Summer" set in a coming of age tale.

If you like to mix your literature with saltwater check it out.

All the details for getting a copy at Jamial's website here


If you are a twitter, a tweeter, a nit wit or just someone with time on their hands and an Internet connection I am now on Twitter (pranaglider) where I spout off more useless nonsense.

There of course I am limited to 140 characters so if you like your rants short this maybe the place.


One more thing, I think I came across a link to Ready 4 the House over at Surfmatters. The site is is visually and mentally stimulating in a way I can't quite figure out. I never know what will be next, it's always interesting and I find myself checking the site too often for updates. Not a "surf blog" but check out the posts in the "surfing" category


You can keep the Napalm I like the smell of chaparral in the morning