Never Cut Your Eyebrows In The Dark

Sage advice that
When clouds are dark
Stick with the Classics

Greetings all
I hope you are well
Long time no hear I know but
the initial burst of  Dysgraphia
gratefully receded
and I found myself with nothing to add

"Can you die from drinking too many cups of cold tea?" I'm asking for a friend ...

so you really haven't missed much

In the past two months
everyone you know
has moved to one of two camps
and gone completely insane.

I moved, en masse
to the 23 Breaths bunker,
bunker complex really
at an undisclosed location
for the duration

Other than that we have had a nice
and extremely polleney
for these parts at least

A couple of early, sizable
days of south swell
(that's code for the Wedge and everywhere else)

time and tide wait for no man

I saw a picture of empty Malibu
early on
small yet perfect
in that Malibu-ian
way that it does.

as in no one out
not even a mat

One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen

New 23B Sponsor!  Merch coming soon!

I've gained 20 lbs
and I still can't play the guitar

But the flowers and the pollen have been spectacular

Be well
Be kind
Be Cereus


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