kombo swells

Photo by Jason Hall - Daily Bread

It's almost that time of year when it's about as likely to get a NW swell as a SW one.

The contests are over. Those globally important questions have been answered. How many teenagers did they fit into the Volkswagen? Did the contestant in red get his three turns to the beach in before the punt in the closed out shore pound. who's his sponsor? oh, then yes! yes he did get those turns in! Please leave thru the gift shop...

But all that is over now.

One weekend and everyone within a hundred miles of the coast has come to the beach with ALL their stuff.

Not a bad plan really but

The next weekend the crowd has dropped by half.

or a least has a chance to spread out

A hundred north swell spots up and down the coast slowly wake up from their summer slumber.

The air is a bit cooler, the water is still warm and if you make it to the beach early enough you may be greeted by a bit of stiff off shore breeze.

 This is really my favorite time of year.


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