Meanwhile back in the lab ...

actually out back by the stables

Just so you don't think I have been frittering away my time last winter and not contributing anything to the general mat riding community

I give you...

the mat pack horse!

These animals have been bred in the lab especially to carry my mat and fins deep into remote surfing areas.

The whole project was born out of the frustration of finding a decent wet / dry pack to hold all my stuff.

If I only could of had one of these little beasts back in the day!

Sneaking into Trestles* would have been a whole new ball game.

These little buggers are nimble as a minks and live on hay and a splash of water.

CAUTION do not give them Red Bull!

I spent hours watching them crash into the walls like some sort of defective Roomba vac on crack!

Sadly I had to stop work on that project but I have been working on another idea...

*Yes, you used to have to sneak into Trestles. It was up hill both ways and there was snow...


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