interesting times

BTW this isn't it
this is the old old guitar
the new old guitar
is black
answers the old question
"do you sleep with that thing?"

new guitar in the house

strings to change

action to adjust

intonation to set

I am so amazed that


all labeled


on the warning label

"Caution playing at high volumes can cause hearing loss..."


But still,

six strings


assorted pickups

and knobs

can amount to

such completely different


and the electrics

so completely different

than acoustics.

I'm having a good time exploring.

These are

interesting times,

and not a drop of

most certainly polluted

quite possibly radioactive

water in sight


interesting times



Dr. Lang said…
I keep scanning the picture knowing you're cat is there.I have one that's a burrower and the other would be camped on the chest.
pranaglider said…
Doc, He requires that I serenade him nightly he does require a private box which is just out of the frame to the left...

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