/*23 Breaths: Times are a Changing*/

Monday, February 3, 2014

Times are a Changing

I'm not a big sports fan

I just can't muster enthusiasm for activities

in which I'm not able to participate

(I somehow make an exception for the winter Olympics)

So for me the Super Bowl is an excuse

for my wife to cook up a storm

and for me to tuck right in

and watch the commercials...

So I was not really that upset

when the cable went out

(only for the Super Bowl channel)

and we missed the middle of the game

and half time

Sadly we were not spared the Dylan / Chrysler ad

I still don't know how I feel about that

On one hand I think artist's should do what they want with their work

and to change things up whenever they want to

on the other hand

while I have no problem with Dylan going electric at Newport

and I would probably be standing in line to applaud a commercial

where Mr. Dylan looks at the camera

plugs in his electric car and says

"the times they are a chargin"

I feel no love for the Dylan double

shilling for Chrysler

but at least it wasn't Justin Bieber...

1 comment:

Robin Thomson said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the game especially as my team thrashed the pants off of the Broncos!