/*23 Breaths: True Story*/

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

True Story

so where have you been?

between the Solstice and Monday?

Hiding out mostly

on the internets

playing a lot of bad guitar

failing miserably at giving up espresso

and turning over

in my mind

my latest meetings with

homo sapien surferus

Before what was going to be

a solitaire go out

i was part of the way thru

my pre surf stretching ritual

my new Omni blown up to 23 Breath...

when up pops a young lad

who instead of giving me


"what the F is that"


"we used to ride those back in the 60's"

both of which I have come to expect

and deal with in some

sort of

new wave

meet and greet

of the surf mat


but  no

out of  deep

left field

he hits me


his best

"we aren't worthy, we aren't worthy...."

complete with arm waves and bows....





and so I haven't been back

to the beach

in three months

Mats are just too mainstream

True story


Piskian said...

Probably thought you were Alice Cooper.

pranaglider said...

Alice looks like Alice and I look like a potato. I blame radiation in the Pacific...only thing that makes sense

Robin Thomson said...

Yeh It is amazing how much more mainstream mats have become. With heaps of visitors in town for the holiday period I am also getting positive comments along with the negatives. The other day, a guy on a longboard,I had been sharing a crappy onshore session with came by as I was changing and exclaimed "Ah it is an MT5. I have one of those too and pulled it out of his backpack!

tuskedbeast said...

Good to read your writing again.

I feel guilty reveling in this phenomenal run of surf, in exact relationship to the worsening drought.

A lot of stoke from people in the water in Northern California. Note: stoke but not extra waves.

Anyway, welcome back!

pranaglider said...


Soon there will be Matter and Matting Monthly print magazines. We can look back at this as the "Golden Age"


Greetings to the NoCal stokers!

tuskedbeast said...

Huh, my comment might have come out wrong- re: the fellow you wrote about frothing over your mat-ness, I'm getting positive comments about my mat-ness, but that does not carry over into being given any special favors wave-wise!

Love from NC

Anonymous said...

I recently got a new one too: "Is that one of those $200 ones?"

To which I stammered: "Yep! It's worth it though!" Not a good answer. I was somewhat taken aback that he knew what it was yet had this pessimism in his voice. That I couldn't come up with something more profound that conveyed the joyous complexity of mat surfing is disappointing to me. I am a bad ambassador.

pranaglider said...

If you are a mat rider you have to plan ahead for these questions. When "they" ask if my mat is the 200 dollar one, I look'em right in the eye and ask em how much their board cost. Then I say "my forth gear flyer was hand made by one guy who has been making and refining them for decades and they last for years. Those ten dollar mats are like a foam popout you get at costco. They don't work well and have holes in they within a week. Life is too short to ride cheap mats."