Back to Blue

In honor of the Grammys

which I didn't watch

I made my way to the local lending library

and picked up a few discs to listen to

(the best thing about trying to play an instrument
is that I listen to music with more attention)

Back to Blue

A great album!

kids if you don't know what an album is, go ask you parents...

I even got out my reading glasses to try and make out the

miniaturized print on the liner notes

Not what you would call heavily produced

a few guitars

a bass

some drums

and that voice!

you can pick it out of a thousand others

front and center

you can even make out the words ...

As for the Grammys

congratulations to the winners, the losers

and those lucky enough to be nominated

as for the music

you can keep it

and I will keep going back

to the old stuff

where singers wrote songs with words

and musicians played notes



Dave said…
The Highwayman-rank amateurs!
pranaglider said…
Sadly, or perhaps not, I have know idea who the highwayman are...I really need to get out more or perhaps turn on the radio. I did see a picture on the front of the LA Times where a gentleman, wearing Smokey the Bear's had was presenting an award to what appeared to be the power rangers... I didn't even know they had been nominated...

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