two hours before sunrise

I have tried

Lord knows I've tried

but the cat

just doesn't "get"

this whole daylight savings time deal.

To be honest I don't care for it much myself

but since this has been the "good" change

and I theoretically get to sleep in a bit more

I won't break out my arsenal of reasons why

they need to leave the arbitrary time reference points


Be that as it may,

Mr. Vicious (Mr. V if you know him really well or have a tuna in hand)

he don't care.

If it was time to get up yesterday

two hours before sunrise

then today we get up

two hours before sunrise

Maybe if I could teach him how to read the clock...


mattittude said…
one of the best matting days ive had in a long long time high tide tower 11 hb .
so much better then the days everyone was raving about with offshores a few weeks ago.

i think im going to hit it 1 ghour before hightide tommorow in front of the hilton tower 11

if you can join me get on it :)
pranaglider said…
I hope to catch up with you for a surf soon. But today it's not going to happen. Catch one for me! Bruce

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