/*23 Breaths: This is it*/

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This is it

Mattitude down shifting and redirecting 
getting ready for the inside section

This is the best time of the surfing year around these parts

The summer crowds are gone (replaced by the winter crowds sadly)

The northern Pacific wakes up 

and if you are lucky the water might still be warm

This is also the time of the offshore winds

that can groom any swell into a thing of beauty

and burn your house down 

if you are unlucky

Enjoy the Fall

This is it!

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UC Irvine-USA said...

I am into riding a surf mat now in Cali! 2 years.It's fun! I get lots of comments from the groms. It's a class above bodyboards, because it's all new to them. Not my daily driver and not so quirkily mad about them as the true aficionados, but nevertheless... Love the photo.