another trip around - the garden

As you regular readers know I love my tomatoes and over the weekend we picked up some starts for this years summer garden

These fragile little flowers will soon be transformed into beautiful fruit!

Nothing better than going into the back yard and picking and eating a handful


Robin Thomson said…
Tomatoes? They rock. Love 'em. Michelle is the gardner in this partnership and she has produced a pretty good crop this year.
My interests are a little different and after working on it for some months now I have finally mastered the apex of bread making. Yep you guessed it. Succesfully baking a sourdough loaf using my own starter. More than a little chuffed! Hope you are getting to enjoy some great waves every now and then!
pranaglider said…
Robin very impressed with your sour dough skills. I have done a few breads but have never done the sour dough. My wife loves sour dough so it's on the list. I need to get on that. So many things to do so little time

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