Sierra Designs - Good Stuff

I have been on a crusade of late to only purchase functional items that have been well designed and crafted. Usually these items are purchased used, are still in good shape and will continue to provide continued use for a long time.

I have always like the functional work of the folks at Sierra Designs.


Just your basic three pocket day pack.
Having lived a full life as a school pack this piece is now the designated Frisbee pack for my son.

The main compartment cinches closed and the top folds over and closes with some D rings.

The top also has a zipper compartment for those easy to get to items.

Nylon ribbon straps nothing exciting here.

The beauty of the piece is that between clean functional design and great construction it's easily twenty years old and is in perfect shape! 

Ready for another for several more decades of use.


Robin Thomson said…
One feels oh so good recycling stuff. On ya Prana!

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