the surfer's lament

Every night I go to bed

thinking the same thing

"at O ' dark - thirty tomorrow I'm in the water and charging!"

of course the resolve of this solemn oath

has to pass the acid test of  40 degree mornings

and the penalty points occurred

when you uttered those words

after 2 am

brrrr baby brrr

maybe  I'll check it

after the morning

high time

goes down


Piskian said…
We've been lucky over here,12 degrees celsius most mornings.LIke Woody Allen,it's all relative.
Dr. Lang said…
Good post.Our brain is king.I'll be hitting it Tuesday morning in honor.
Dr. Lang said…
After an hour sitting in my car, I shut off my brain and got in the water.Water was warmer than the air.
Happy New Years!
pranaglider said…
any day you can get in the water is a good day

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