Cold and Flu Season

Tis the season

for buying stuff

while the good folks around you

are coughing

up a lung

and don't get me started

about what is in the rain


so on a semi regular basis

I takes me a few supplements

Turmeric and Ginger (the root on the right)

should be in everyone's home medicine chest

most of the rest are specific

for my situation

Garlic (the bulb on the left)

cannot be underestimated

in it's properties

to spice up a meal

and to

keep people back

which is half the battle

in avoiding

a cold


Surfsister said…
I'm big on grapefruit seed extract. That stuff is amazing.
pranaglider said…
I've heard good things about that but never used it. With the botanicals everyone has to experiment and find what works for them. Garlic however definitely keeps people back!
Unknown said…
Peel about 6+ garlic cloves and leave them in runny honey for a couple of weeks, then take a couple of teaspoons before bed. Chopped ginger in black tea is very good aswell. Wait for it to sink first.
Unknown said…
^^^^Of the honey not the garlic
pranaglider said…
I have taken to putting the ginger chunks into a well cleaned garlic press over my tea cup. It really pulps the ginger and releases the liquid. I have also been experimenting with including shredded ginger into soups and other foods. the ginger "snap" is really good.

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