Omni - a Latin prefix meaning "all"

Conditions looked questionable so I decided not to make the drive down to the Whomp-a-thon in the ever funky Leucadia.

About half past my morning six shots of espresso I decided that perhaps a surf check might be in order.

Long story short I got another go out on the new Omni in lieu of  braving the crowds at the local mall.

I sent Paul the following note as soon as I got home,

"Only two feet maybe three on the sets but with enough offshore to make it look really good, maybe better than it really was but I digress... I like to do this sideways stall at the top, right after take off, you never know when the swell could hit a sandbar and cover you up but if that doesn't happen this drifting sideways at the top of the wave is nice because you can pick the steepest moment to drive to the bottom, get maximum speed and throw a turn. Not a hard move really, it mostly depends on getting the timing right but it requires a mat that is ultra sensitive to the wave and responds immediately to your body movements to do it well."

The Omni does it all and the mat keeps getting better every time I ride it.

The rarely seen gray back mat rider photographed is his native environment
It's hard to imagine him walking upright with that huge belly being supported by those tiny little legs
One of the wonders of nature

I can hardly wait for the next go out!

Go check out Lloyd's blog for some good stuff on GG.


Piskian said…
Ah,I thought it was called a Romni,because of the close resemblance to the strangely wedge-shaped head of the failed Moron politico.Got my mitts on one yesterday,fun but too much mat for me!
pranaglider said…
let some air out and try it again!
Prana, he was riding it flat. Ian is a, erm, compact mat surfer.


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