/*23 Breaths: June 2008*/

Friday, June 27, 2008


I am taking a few days off to give the new mat surface a through testing.

I may or may not post depending on how the testing goes.

Feel free to email me.

Enjoy the week and breath deep.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I did it!

I over came my sloth and reapplied the Vulkem on my mat.

I know I did because I don't have sense enough to wear a respirator and the entire world smells like a telephone pole.

I applied the new stuff last night after work and it looked good this morning

Fun that the same atmospheric conditions that make for good wine, (warm days giving way to foggy nights) also makes for a quick cure for Vulkem.

But I digress

So when are we goin surfin?

The local FrogHouse crew scored at Cottons recently

I have next week off so anytime that week is good (the 4th is out).

My crystal ball says that Monday (6/30) may still have waves from the SW swell that peaks 6/28-6/29.

Any takers?

(I promise not to lock my keys in the car this time!)

Monday, June 23, 2008

At least the dog got a bath

Got some good waves on Saturday and Sunday.

But due to the heat wave I chose to stay in the shade and seek comfort in cold beer instead of working on the mat.

But everyone can relax

I did give the dog a bath

Not my dog but a reasonable likeness.

(My dog would have skipped the glass of wine for some cheese.)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday at last

Still haven't resurfaced my mat.

Promised myself that I would get it done this week but then the refrigerator broke.

Some how my wife thinks that having a working refrig is more important than not sliding off my mat during a critical section, go figure!

But this weekend for sure, it's on the list, right below washing the dog and tending the garden.

I have been using the photo above as my desktop this week.


Kaser posted it on the erBB.

Part of a three shot series I believe.

No idea who the photographer is and maybe more importantly who the guy is.

I have been promising myself a evening glass off trip to the beach but the spring winds aren't cooperating.

Bit of a early summer heat wave here in so cal.

I mention this because several of the regular readers of this blog reside in different hemispheres.

I find that fascinating.

Why they stop by here or the other blog, I have no idea.

But since you do I make local and seasonal references to spice things up.

Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, June 9, 2008

So I went with the fish

I have a 6'3" that paddles like a long board but rides well enough for me.

My days of riding a 5"6" may be over.

All and all it was a good day.

Saturday's winds had mellowed out enough for a quick go a the local beach break.

Several things I noticed about stand up surfing (SUS?)

1 - Standing up with booties that I have filled with recycled coffee is like trying to surf with a kiddy pool strapped to each foot.

2 - Even though the water has warmed up I still went out with a full wetsuit and booties.Just because I always do, not a very good reason I will admit.

3 - While I have surfed long enough that leashes don't bother me they are still in the way.

4 - Just paddling with my arms for waves takes two of my major muscle groups out of the picture.

5 - Pearling up to my neck isn't so hard to relearn when you have been away for a while so that was one good thing.

I had to take a break from all this standing up-ed-ness so I locked my board in the car and grabbed my fins.

A couple of fun ones realigned my back, raised my spirits and exercised my legs enough to give the board another go.

First I skipped the booties.

Walking out with the sand under my feet was great!

I really need to trunk it more often!

I seem to get a glimmer of some old forgotten fishing skills and spent the rest of the session thinking of ways to modify the fish to flex more.

The final redesign has a foam band on each rail but with an inch of foam dug out in the center and re-glassed. (Think glass spoon but not dug out all the way to the bottom of the board and alot more foam left up under the chest for paddling)

A good day all together.

I think I will try to work at least one day of stand up fishing into the months a head.

I didn't get started on the mat resurface but should get going this week depending on the workload at work.

Regarding another mat go out.

This weekend is out but I am open after that.

I would like to shoot for some time with good swell.

I will be off the week of July 4th so I have a bigger window then.

But please don't wait on my account.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spring Chores and Choices

Go check out Greenough's old mat over at Megatrough
Graham has it hanging in his shop

As for me, it is about time for my annual or semi-annual mat resurfacing.

Something to get done while the June gloom and spring winds prevail.

I surf a lot of sandy beach break and I rub off all the Vulkem 116 texture.

So every so often I have to order up some of the stuff (I am ordering a couple of tubes via Amazon) find where I left my caulking gun last and get busy.

Since the stuff smells a lot like a telephone pole my wife banishes me and the mat to the far reaches of the backyard for the duration of the procedure.

Now I have talked about this before and Surfmatz.com has a couple of great how to posts if you are interested.

My dilemma is what do I ride until the process is complete?

My first thought is just to go body surfing, mat riding is a lot like body surfing and I do love it.

But I don't mind a occasional stand up surf as well and if I don't ride my boards on a semi regular basis I fear a semi rigorous spring cleaning may whisk away a few.

So my basic choices are long board, hull, bonzer, fish or tri-fin.

Long boards are fun but well too long, if you know what I mean.

The hull is fun but I think that is the last board I rode, I remember because I still have the scar.

The bonzer is one of my favorites but I need to fix that ding.

The fish is always fun and since both of mine are dinged beyond repair...so that maybe the call.

I have several tri-fins in multiple lengths that could be a good call, depends on the surf and the location.

Maybe and add the the quiver is in order!

I have been looking at some fish shapes by Steve Pendarvis (Pendo Flex) and
Stan Pleskunas (Wibbulator).

Both of these designer / shapers have done some great work in creating truly flexible surfboards. I think they would be a hoot to ride...

(Hmmmm, Honey, did you invest that economic stimulus package in long term or short term bonds?).

Actually this is just why I love the mat.

I just bring it and shape it on the fly into whatever I want.