The Legend of Spyder Wills

Pro Body surfer, contributing photographer on most if not all of the great movies of the era, Paipo rider and Frisbee master

Ladies and Gentlemen

Spyder Wills

Spider Wills from Z Weyand on Vimeo.

Some of his work with Greg Weaver


Quiver said…
That looks like the first page of a longer article. Does anyone have the rest of it? Also, to me it looks more like he's holding a flex-spoon than a paipo. And are those UDTs or DuckFeet in the other hand? It looks like that guy had it figured out long before I ever even heard of "it".
pranaglider said…

You are correct it is a the first page of a longer article. I'm guessing from the 70's and I don't have there rest of it. I'll look around for it. Regarding the fins definitely DuckFeet.
Are there any other kind?

Quiver said…
To close the loop,

I didn't find much more in my searches. Just enough to remain curious.

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