State Park

Photo by Steve Conti

Coming to a full and complete stop

I start to rummage thru my dashboard
Looking for
I need to clean this car out

My hands foraging thru the flotsam and jetsam like a rodent on patrol
A faded old map folded into a post apocalyptic Origami animal of some kind
Some empty matchbooks, bits of twine, tin foil, a minor collection of sand toys
The cool sea shell (is that tar on it?)
The bumper sticker I never attached
McGovern in ’72?
I really need to clean this car out

Some crinkling sounds coming from the
Fast food wrappers
Did that just move?
Some pristine McDonald’s fries
I haven’t eaten there in ten years
How do they do that?


My state park pass!

Good morning Mr. Ranger Lady Sir
It’s time to check the surf

Did I even bring my wetsuit?
Now where is my coffee?


joe green blue said…
i was at state park today
pranaglider said…
yea they control most all of the beach access in these parts

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