peeing in the tulies

My dad is from Ohio. He moved with his whole family out to California after the war.
He met my mom at the roller rink and soon became integrated into her local extended family.
There were trips.
To the desert to race (anything with wheels).
To the mountains to ski (water in summer and snow in winter)
The water skiing had a slight edge as ski boats have motors.
Engines? Something else to race!
Pass me a beer.
So on one of these trips
the exact location of the latrine
came up during a long drive
No problem just "pee in the tulies"
The term comes from the tulie rush,
a country plant that is
(or used to be)
common in moist areas of US west coast states
but does not thrive in or near cities.
I'm sure there is a comparable phrase in Ohio
but my dad was intrigued, perhaps even excited
to be peeing
in these tulies...
When the time came
and the bell always tolls for thee
The car stopped
the inlaws pointed
"just walk until you are comfortable and aim for one of those bushes"
peeing in the tulies


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